Terms and Conditions-1:

Website Services and Profile Services:

All content for website and profile services is provided by our clients.  It is the client responsibility to receive approval of all copyright, trademark, and register materials (photos, logos, slogans, articles, text, etc.) by the original owners or third party members prior to providing such content to Elite Athlete Branding.  Elite Athlete Branding is not responsible for clearing approval of any copyright, trademark, and register materials before using the material on the client’s paid services rendered by Elite Athlete Branding.  It is presumed by Elite Athlete Branding that our clients received approval to use copyright, trademark, or register materials prior to receiving the content and therefore Elite Athlete Branding will not be legally responsible for any violations that might occur when such content is used on services rendered by Elite Athlete Branding.  Therefore, all violations of copyright, trademark, and/or register infringements will be the clients liability and Elite Athlete Branding will be 100% excused from any infringements that may lead to any liability.

Non-Refundable Services: Website Setup Fees, Highlight Video Services, Video Recording Services, Graphic and Logo Design are non-refundable.

Refundable Services: Website Design Services are refundable up to three (3) days after purchase (excluding the $25 Setup Fees).